CCU Ends 4 Year Directors Cup Drought Against Clemson

The Directors Cup. An anual event held between Coastal Carolina and Clemson University’s respective PGA Golf Management Programs. The top 10 golfers that qualify for this event from both schools play in this 15 year old event.  The top golfers in each program play a 54 hole event held over 2 days. 36 holes comprised of an 18 hole 2 ball match play (alternate shot) and an 18 hole 4 ball match play (better ball) grind. Sunday is an 18 hole singles match play, head to head round. 1 point for a win, 1/2  point for a tie and obviously nothing for a loss. There are 20 total points to be had.

Clemson has pretty much dominated the event, winning about 75 percent of the 15 that have been held. Coastal hasn’t won the event in 4 years, making last years graduating class the last class to  hold the Cup. Well, we got tired of getting handled by Clemson year after year.

We waxed them, plain and simple. Starting off with a dominating performance in the 2-ball rounds, winning 4-1 after the first 18 holes. A confident Chanticleer team got another 2 and 1/2  points in the 4-ball event. A strong 36 holes for the teams of Andrew Roy and Josh Greenly as well as Morgan Deneen and Jake Vaiknoros stepping up out of the Sophomore Class. 10 and 1/2  total points is all Coastal needed and they only needed 4 more points to clinch the Cup, a feeling we haven’t had in a while. With only the singles matches left, Coastal sent Blaine Wright, Brad Anderson, Mike Gress, and Austin Kleynenberg out in the first 4 matches. A strong strategy by the coach, Matt Roberts, to send an experienced lineup out to get a quick 3 or 4 points. Wins in the first 3 matches and a half point by Gress all but ended it for Clemson. A quick point followed by Roy clinched it for the Chants and ended the drought. At the end of the day, the final score was 13-7 Coastal, making them winners of the 2016 Directors Cup.

With the Ryder Cup coming up next on the schedule for Coastal Carolina, the best golfers in the program are feeling confident going into a similar style tournament against each other. Matt Roberts with the comments after winning the cup back, “Their games are where they need to be right now. Everyone in these events at the end of the year are playing at their absolute best. It’s fun to watch these guys compete at this collegiate type level.” Winning an event like that feels great and is what keeps these kids playing in the PGM events, and competing at the top of their games.

ATB Sports is for college kids by college kids and we are running our first fund raiser. A portion of the precedes will go towards purchasing some new branded apparel. If you like our cause and you like winning this is the contest for you. All support is greatly appreciated. 

This Thursday, we will see the beginning of the iconic Masters Tournament, and we at ATB are hosting a Masters Pool! Choose the golfers in the field that you think will finish top 5, venmo us $10, and be entered into a chance to win a visa gift card! Rules and directions can be found by clicking the link below. The Masters Pool closes at 11:59 pm on Wednesday night, so hurry up and get your submissions in!!

– M. Gress

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