Brady’s Boo’s

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It’s that time of the month where we find new ways to hate Tom Brady. Like I said in the last article, I’ll be doing this once a month to entertain everyone in the country that doesn’t live in that tiny little corner of the country. I can’t even say those two nauseating words describing their geographic location.

Anyway, I’m guessing you all saw the latest Instagram video of Tom Brady blowing through a conch shell, calling Rob Gronkowski running out of the woods and coaching him. SWEET DUDE. I saw SpongeBob do that when I was seven years old. Gronkowski running through the woods being the giant child that he is. Yeah, that dude is a savage, but just the fact that he is one of Bill Belichick’s minions makes me dislike the video that much more. Tom, c’mon now, shouldn’t you be in your garage with some air pumps and footballs? Not just entertaining social media, but even SportsCenter is all over it. Good for you guys not having to train this early in the year cause you play in the AFC East. But hell, if I was born in practically another country in that corner, I would be loving that video. Tom Brady Is the GOAT to be remembered as winning Super Bowls and blowing a conch shell.

– M. Gress

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