KD Chatter Just Got Even More Confusing

(Photo via fansshare.com)

Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder are currently chugging through the rest of the regular season, anxiously waiting until their games start to matter in the playoffs. As you can probably tell, they are as focused as ever to make it back to the NBA Finals after a 4 year absence. You can bet that is the only thing on Kevin Durant’s mind. Unfortunately, KD fans around the country are focused on a different topic surrounding the All-NBA forward: Who will he be playing for next year? This question has hovered over the NBA all season now, as it is no secret that KD is set to hit the open market come this summer. And due to a recent interview with one of his buddies, Kendrick Perkins, his 2017 destination has become as confusing and puzzling as ever.

Before Perkins and his New Orleans Pelicans went out to face the Boston Celtics (his former team) on Wednesday, he was asked a series of questions revolving around KD’s plans for the future. When asked if he can see KD signing with the Celtics, Perkins avoids most of the question, however, he mentioned, “But he did shoot some teams out there that he made me sign a confidentiality form that I couldn’t tell nobody. He’s got a few teams that he will be looking at,” (masslive.com). Gee, thanks K-Perk, that just raises more questions than answers. It seems clear that Durant has a few teams in mind, maybe it’s the Celtics, and maybe it’s not. Now, every NBA fan wants to grab a hold of that confidentiality note given to Perkins.

For one, I can see KD being a great fit for the Celtics. He will instantly become the face of the franchise and the centerpiece of a team already equipped with great young talent. But, I can also see other teams falling into the mix. Teams like the Wizards, Lakers, Rockets, and even the Golden State Warriors can all make solid pitches as to why KD would be a perfect fit for their team. Right now, it all rests on where KD thinks is the best place for him to go, and this leaves many fans without sleep for the next few months.

Personally, I think a move from OKC would be a good move for him, especially if they don’t take home the title this year. Durant needs a change of scenery, although he would probably tell you otherwise. Leaving OKC this summer will allow both him and Westbrook to expand their games without the pressures from the media who criticize the two for not co-existing together. He certainly has a big decision to make – let’s just hope he doesn’t broadcast “The Decision: KD Edition” on live television like one of his counterparts did in the past.

– J. Yellin

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