Is the Hair Healthy?

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On April 8th, the New York Mets had their home opener against the Philadelphia Phillies. Going into the game, the Mets were 1-1 after splitting the first two games of the season in Kansas City against the defending World Series Champion Royals. In front of the largest regular season crowd in Citi Field history, Jacob DeGrom took the mound for his first start of the season and he did not disappoint. DeGrom threw 6 innings, giving up only one run and had six strikeouts. However, all Met fans were stunned when DeGrom was pinch hit for in the bottom of the sixth inning while only having thrown 76 pitches.

After the game ended it was announced that DeGrom left the game after feeling tightness in his lat. This immediately sent Met fans into a panic wondering if the DeGrom was seriously injured. Now there are some concerns with DeGrom because he had some injury issues in the spring and his velocity had diminished during his first start, but I am not concerned…not concerned yet at least.

Let’s start with the positives. DeGrom was again sitting at 92 mph consistently, which a fan never loves to see but he still looked great. His fastball might not have been 95 mph, but it had late life on it and hitters were swinging through it. His off speed stuff also looked very good as he had all of his pitches working.

Now the negatives. There could be some concern with this most recent injury because DeGrom did pitch a career high 216 innings in 2015 and as mentioned before, he had three separate injuries during spring training. In order for the Mets to defend their National League Championship, they need their only 2015 all-star on the field and performing well, or maybe this season might not be what all Mets fans are expecting that it will be.

– D. Celauro

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