Willet Did Not Win The Masters

(Photo via ibtimes.com)

This past Sunday shocked the golfing world as defending champion and leader for 8 straight rounds, Jordan Spieth, dramatically lost the Masters to Britain’s Danny Willet.

Yeah, I’m not kidding.

Spieth pulled the unthinkable by making a quadruple bogey 7 on the par-­3 12th hole on Amen’s Corner. Before Spieth teed off, I looked towards my roommate who knows nothing about golf and said “this is the shot that makes the round” with him responding “how come?” As Spieth blocks his tee shot into the water I turn to Chris and say “well, that’s why.”

Despite the hype going into the week, I felt that Spieth was not going to win the Masters, but never in a thousand years did I think Spieth would absolutely implode on the back round. It’s a damn shame. Golf experts are already grouping Spieth’s collapse next to Greg Norman’s 1996 collapse and Rory’s 2011 shamble.

We love to see to see underdogs win in golf, but never do I wish that the world’s best go missing on the 12th hole. We often forget that Spieth is only 21 years old and has had a better short career than many other professionals that are double his age.

Nick Faldo immediately said “this will haunt him for a while” and Jack Nicklaus said “there will be good changes to come out of this”. Both of these men could not be any more correct. Spieth will not forget about that epic failure of 30 minutes that he unfortunately has to go through until he wins his next Masters. Even after that, this may be a moment that Jordan will never forget. Spieth will work harder than he ever did to make sure this never happens again. And for the sake of Danny Willet, it was a great story for him [on getting to the Masters and having his first son] and winning it all. For his sake, I hope his name stays moderately relevant and does not become a 2009 Lucas Glover (remember him, Bethpage?). It was a whacky week.

Not to take away from his prestigious win, but… Danny Willet did not win the Masters.

He won the Masters when Jordan Spieth lost it.

– M. Fritz

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