ESPN and Greed’s Latest Victim

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The other day, ESPN fired MLB legend and longtime analyst Curt Schilling. Schilling shared the following picture on his Facebook page. ESPN then said that Schilling’s post was “insensitive”, and he was subsequently fired for it. Sorry Curt, you didn’t break any laws, but you might hurts some feelings, and  apparently that’s worse nowadays. I mean, people want to give Johnny Manziel an 109,385th chance even though he’s getting DUI’s and hitting women, but hey, who am I to say anything?


Let’s get down to the facts. Did Schilling use hate speech when discussing members of the LGBT community? Did he condemn them for their lifestyle? Did he say anything negative about transgender people at all?

He did however bring the other side of the coin to the forefront, for once. It’s no secret which type of people Schilling is calling out with this political cartoon, because that’s all this is. He is calling out liberals on preaching acceptance, but only when it is convenient. You are only accepting if you agree with them, while if you have a different stance they will brand you a bigot. So who’s the real intolerant ones here?

Schilling was tagged or mentioned in thousands of tweets from cowards who talk tough about “social injustice” from behind a screen, but actually know little to nothing about Schilling as a person. In reality, the people screaming for acceptance are the ones not accepting valid viewpoints that are different from their own. It is a travesty that we are even having this conversation because ESPN used to be a safe haven from the plagues of big media. It used to be a bunch of average dudes being funny and talking sports. Now it has become a money grabbing monolith that makes decisions based on ratings and stock value. It is a true shame.

This is not the first time that Schilling has voiced his opinion on controversial topics. This however, will be the last (at least on ESPN). Schilling is not the first person to be crucified for speaking out for what is right. Not to worry for those who agree with Schilling, because every time one of these injustices occurs it only sheds more light on the problem. There was this one guy I heard about in this dusty old book. Maybe Schilling will resurrect his career, not unlike what happened with Colin Cowherd a few months ago.

Curt Schilling, thank you for not taking the easy road. Thank you for standing up for what you believe in regardless of the critics. You are not alone. 

-R. Ilardi

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