20 Things Sophomore Year Has Taught Me

As the school year comes to an abrupt end, let’s take a look at everything life has thrown at us Sophomore year…

1) Just because you don’t have an 8 am class doesn’t mean you can stay in bed all day. And yes, 9:30 is also an early class.

2) Having friends with cars means one thing: Best Eds, Hillview, and Meritt whenever you want.

3) When life kicks you down, Meritt is always there to pick you back up.

4) You make so many new friends sophomore year. Meet people and get to know them!

5) Living off­ campus makes it easy to isolate yourself. Get out of your room and be with others.

6) Off of that, do NOT forget about the ones that were there for you from the start. My boys will always be my boys. Keep that in mind.

7) Don’t worry about “that girl.” You’ll forget about her as soon at the next mixer.

8) But if you can’t forget about the girl, don’t be dumb. Make her yours.

9) Drama is everywhere. Getting involved in people’s drama is easy, but it is also easy to avoid it.

10) Speaking of avoiding, it’s a small school. If you are trying to avoid that girl that you hooked up with, you’re gonna bump into her. Accept it.

11) Get involved. Freshman year was all about getting adjusted. Sophomore year is the time to get involved in clubs, Greek Life, and other campus involvement. You’ll thank me.

12) Get off to a hot start to start the semester. The longer the semester goes on, the less work you’re going to want to do. Get off to a good start with your grades, and build a nice cushion.

13) Get your work done ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than sitting in on a Sunday night because you remembered you had a lab report due at midnight.

14) Don’t give yourself unwanted stress. You know the pressures of school and friends will stress you out, so stay organized and scheduled so nothing unexpected stresses you.

15) Sometimes a night in with your closest friends is better than the wild party that may or may not be broken up by the cops.

16) But don’t be afraid to go out when you’re done with work. It is healthy to go to parties and mix with people. So get your work done on Wednesday this way you can go to the darty on Sunday.

17) R.I.P. G St.

18) As you get older, so do your upperclassmen friends. Remember to spend time with them. You’re gonna wish you did. Every day is another day closer to graduation. So make the memories now.

19) You’re almost halfway done with college. You can make it.

20) These are the years we will look back on. Live it up now and make the stories and memories that you can laugh about in 30 years. Work and internships and overall responsibilities only get harder junior and senior year, so cherish the sophomore days.

Always a wise fool

– M. Fritz

Friars Lose Another KEY Player

(Photo via getty images)

On Thursday, April 7, it was announced that Providence Friars starting goalie, Nick Ellis, has inked a two-year entry level contract with the Edmonton Oilers. He now becomes the eighth Providence player from the 2015-16 season to sign either an entry level contract or amateur tryout agreement. Providence has lost a lot of players after this past season, and will have to look and bounce back after an off-season filled with losses.

Ellis was the full-time starter this season for the first time, after backing up goaltender Jon Gillies last season, who has now been in the Flames organization for two seasons. In his first year as the main man in net, Ellis started 36 games and put forth the best statistical season in Friars history. The team went 25-7-4 with him in net, as he posted a 1.80 goals against average and a .936 save percentage. Clearly losing Ellis is a huge hit to the Friars, but maybe not the demise of the team either. Luckily for the Friars, they have rising-sophomore, and draft pick of the Montreal Canadiens, Hayden Hawkey, waiting for his turn to take over the Friar crease.

Hawkey started two games and played in three other games during his freshman campaign for the Friars, and logged 179:35 in ice time. He posted a solid 1.67 goals against average and a .940 save percentage. In games that Hawkey started, the team went 2-0-0.

Yes, Nick Ellis will be tremendously missed by all of Friartown, as many people looked at him as our brightest star, but it is not over for the Friars. There is far too much talent at Providence for this team not to have a successful season in the 2016-17 campaign.

– K. Troy

Friars Hockey Season Wrap-Up

(Photo via alongtheboards.com)

The Friars met their demise last Friday in Worcester, Massachusetts, as they fell to the Bulldogs of Minnesota, Duluth, by a final of 2-1. This is a major loss for the Friars as they were the reigning National Champions, yet they take a first round exit from the tournament this season. This game was one for the ages, however, as the teams went on a double overtime marathon.

This double overtime game was completely dominated by the Bulldogs as they out-shot the Friars 56-37. With a differential of 19 shots, it really is no surprise that the Friars took the loss. However, this also gives a lot of hope to the Friars for next season as their goalie Nick Ellis demonstrated that he could play big, even in big games. Ellis finished with 54 saves with many of those saves being very difficult to make. However, a loss is a loss, and this one hurts big time. Aside from the team taking an early exit this year, the Friars are also losing NINE seniors. This is a huge loss for the team as the men who are graduating were Coach Leaman’s first recruiting class and were major components of last year’s championship run. If the Friars want to have sustained success, Leaman will have to continue his excellent job of recruiting, and keep getting his team into the playoffs.

A season that started off with such great promise, reigning national champions, did not lose a game until after Christmas break, nine returning seniors, etc. It is really sad to see it end in such a disappointing way. However, with current freshmen like Erik Foley (Winnipeg Jets draft pick), Steven Ruggiero (Anaheim Ducks draft pick), Hayden Hawkey (Montreal Canadiens draft pick), and Vinny Desharnais, the future years promise to be exciting.

– K. Troy

Thank You Kris

(Photo via golocalprov.com)

Saturday night saw the demise of the Providence Friars dream season, one in which they had made the top ten and won a March Madness game for the first time in 19 years. While the season’s over, it was still an awesome run, and the team will be back and ready to go next season. However, it will be without current team superstar Kris Dunn, who will be graduating this year and heading into the NBA draft. As reports coming out today of his plan to hire an agent and enter the NBA draft have made Dunn’s commitment to the NBA official, all we can do now is thank Kris for what he gave us over the course of his career at PC.

Dunn’s life story was told earlier this year in a Sports Illustrated article. It highlighted his tremendously rough up-bringing’s, and eventual commitment to Providence. When Dunn first committed here, I had no clue what Providence was other than a city in Rhode Island, but Dunn changed all that. In Dunn’s first two seasons in Providence, he was not much of a factor on the team, and it was mainly Bryce Cotton, who led the Friars to a Big East Tournament Championship in 2014. The next year when Cotton was gone Dunn, did him one better.

This was now Dunn’s team. Yes, there was a lot of talk about LaDontae Henton, but this was Dunn’s team. This was his break out season, and he managed to get the Friars into the top 25 for the first time in 10 years. They were unable to repeat as Big East champions, but they made the big dance regardless, but sadly lost in the first round. Then, this season, his senior year, he was a monster. Dunn led the team not only into the top 25, but into the top 10. Once again, the team made the big dance, and for the first time in 19 years, won a game in the tournament. Sadly, now the run is over, and so is Dunn’s time in college.

Looking at his time here in Providence, there were very small successes, but there was a large change. When I told people I wanted to go to Providence College, many of them had either not heard of it, or didn’t even know where Providence was. Now, after this past season, people all know the school that was in the top 10; I met people who went to games just to watch Dunn. So while we never got to see a national championship in basketball, Dunn took a little known school and made them known throughout the country. He put the small private school on the map and made it extremely fun to watch, and that is how he “Got it Dunn.” Thanks Kris.

– K. Troy


Buzzer Beating Madness

(Photo via bleacherreport.com)

The first official weekend of March Madness has kicked off and in the Providence Friars game in the round of 64, they had the challenge of taking on the USC Trojans. The mood on the Providence campus was electric, as fans were confident that they would win the game, and all students flocked to their friends’ dorms to watch. Then, as the game got going, the fans of Providence were in for a thriller.

The Friars hung around all game, and never let USC gain a large lead. As time was almost up, the Friars found themselves down by three, 68-65, but that’s when their leader Kris Dunn took over knocking down a game tying three with approximately 90 seconds left. The Trojans then took a one-point lead on a free-throw by Bennie Boatwright. This gave the Friar Faithful panic attacks, but the team knew it was not over. With 1.5 seconds left on the clock the Friars had the ball under the hoop, and in-bounded it to Rodney Bullock, who made his layup to seal the deal, and gave the Friars their first madness win since 1997.

Once the layup was made, the campus went into a frenzy, and all the students went out into the streets to celebrate. The Friars win earned them a date with top-seeded UNC, a match-up no college team wants to see on the first weekend of March Madness. UNC won somewhat handily by a final of 85-66. This loss was a heartbreaker for Friartown, but can not take away from what Kriss Dunn and his fellow Friars were able to do this year.

– K. Troy

8 Ways to Survive the rest of the Semester

Midterms and spring break are over. Easter is coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s nearly impossible to keep your mind focused when it’s getting warmer out and the sun is still up at 7 pm. Darty season is getting ready to start up, and with 6 weeks of the semester left, here are 8 ways to survive it.

1) Get your work done early. You already earned how to cram for tests and get a 5 page paper done 2 hours before it’s due. But now more than ever, get work done before deadlines to avoid unwanted stress.

2) Enjoy the weather. Its finally not 10 degrees outside, and that means it’s finally getting nice outside. Get off your phones and go outside. Go golfing, play kanjam and cornhole, honestly, do anything but stay inside. It’s good for you.

3) Get some sleep. As college kids, we forget what sleep is. Between work and going out, we take sleep for granted. Do yourself a favor and sleep at a normal time for a decent remainder of the semester. You don’t want to wear yourself down and get mono after finals weeks (trust me, it is horrible).

4) DARTY! Darty season is upon us. There’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than being outside with 100 other people celebrating the end of the spring semester like a native american rain dance. Yes, brews are welcome and encouraged.

5) Stay calm. You know work is going to pile up and bite you in the ass. Remind yourself­you’ve survived it before. You can get through it again. Persevere, and remember that one test does not define your entire life.

6) Start a countdown. You can almost taste the light at the end of the tunnel, but you still have a ways to go. Keep a countdown until your last final for that extra motivation to finish strong.

7) Music. Listen to it, hear it, write it. Use music to your advantage. Concert season is coming (Fetty, he’s coming). Blast your favorite tunes with the windows down while driving down Park Ave. Wagon Wheel will ALWAYS make you happy.

8) Appreciate the little things. You’re going to have friends that are graduating or transferring or studying abroad for next semester. Be spontaneous. Appreciate the time you still have with them here. Don’t be afraid to take an hour break of your essay to drive to the Merritt for unnecessary Mac n Cheese bites at 3 am to spend time with your boys. Don’t pass it up. These are the times we remember when we turn old and wrinkly. Enjoy the times we have no before they pass us by.

And remember, whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

– M. Fritz

Hockey East Playoffs

The Friars of Providence kicked off their bid to win the Hockey East this past weekend in a three game set against the Warriors of Merrimack. Based off the Friars stellar regular season, in which they tied Boston College for first in the league, they obtained home ice advantage for round one.

In game one, which took place on Friday, March 11, the Friars almost lacked home ice advantage as Merrimack fans poured into Schneider Arena in Providence, RI, loud and signs in hand. This, however did not faze the Friars for even a second. Less than seven minutes into the contest, Nick Saracino found the twine, and gave Providence a 1-0 lead. The lead remained as such until the third when Merrimack came back and tied things up, but not for long. A late goal by Friar Freshman Erik Foley gave Providence a 2-1 lead, which was then backed up by an empty netter by Trevor Mingoia to secure a 3-1 win for Providence.

Game two was a little bit of a different story. Once again the Merrimack fans poured in, however, the Friar Faithful were ready this time, as they too flocked to the arena. The game started slow and there were no goals until the third period, but when the Friars finally lit the lamp on a goal by Garrett Gamez just past the midway point in the final period, they never relinquished the lead. This game was locked up on an empty net goal by Kevin Rooney, and the Friars ensured that they would be advancing to Boston.

The playoffs continue this Friday as the final four contain match-ups of Providence vs. UMass Lowell, and Boston College vs. Northeastern. The finals take place Saturday night and will give the winner about a week to prepare for the big tournament as teams duke it out to become National Champions.

– K. Troy