20 Things Sophomore Year Has Taught Me

As the school year comes to an abrupt end, let’s take a look at everything life has thrown at us Sophomore year…

1) Just because you don’t have an 8 am class doesn’t mean you can stay in bed all day. And yes, 9:30 is also an early class.

2) Having friends with cars means one thing: Best Eds, Hillview, and Meritt whenever you want.

3) When life kicks you down, Meritt is always there to pick you back up.

4) You make so many new friends sophomore year. Meet people and get to know them!

5) Living off­ campus makes it easy to isolate yourself. Get out of your room and be with others.

6) Off of that, do NOT forget about the ones that were there for you from the start. My boys will always be my boys. Keep that in mind.

7) Don’t worry about “that girl.” You’ll forget about her as soon at the next mixer.

8) But if you can’t forget about the girl, don’t be dumb. Make her yours.

9) Drama is everywhere. Getting involved in people’s drama is easy, but it is also easy to avoid it.

10) Speaking of avoiding, it’s a small school. If you are trying to avoid that girl that you hooked up with, you’re gonna bump into her. Accept it.

11) Get involved. Freshman year was all about getting adjusted. Sophomore year is the time to get involved in clubs, Greek Life, and other campus involvement. You’ll thank me.

12) Get off to a hot start to start the semester. The longer the semester goes on, the less work you’re going to want to do. Get off to a good start with your grades, and build a nice cushion.

13) Get your work done ahead of time. There’s nothing worse than sitting in on a Sunday night because you remembered you had a lab report due at midnight.

14) Don’t give yourself unwanted stress. You know the pressures of school and friends will stress you out, so stay organized and scheduled so nothing unexpected stresses you.

15) Sometimes a night in with your closest friends is better than the wild party that may or may not be broken up by the cops.

16) But don’t be afraid to go out when you’re done with work. It is healthy to go to parties and mix with people. So get your work done on Wednesday this way you can go to the darty on Sunday.

17) R.I.P. G St.

18) As you get older, so do your upperclassmen friends. Remember to spend time with them. You’re gonna wish you did. Every day is another day closer to graduation. So make the memories now.

19) You’re almost halfway done with college. You can make it.

20) These are the years we will look back on. Live it up now and make the stories and memories that you can laugh about in 30 years. Work and internships and overall responsibilities only get harder junior and senior year, so cherish the sophomore days.

Always a wise fool

– M. Fritz

8 Ways to Survive the rest of the Semester

Midterms and spring break are over. Easter is coming up in a couple of weeks. It’s nearly impossible to keep your mind focused when it’s getting warmer out and the sun is still up at 7 pm. Darty season is getting ready to start up, and with 6 weeks of the semester left, here are 8 ways to survive it.

1) Get your work done early. You already earned how to cram for tests and get a 5 page paper done 2 hours before it’s due. But now more than ever, get work done before deadlines to avoid unwanted stress.

2) Enjoy the weather. Its finally not 10 degrees outside, and that means it’s finally getting nice outside. Get off your phones and go outside. Go golfing, play kanjam and cornhole, honestly, do anything but stay inside. It’s good for you.

3) Get some sleep. As college kids, we forget what sleep is. Between work and going out, we take sleep for granted. Do yourself a favor and sleep at a normal time for a decent remainder of the semester. You don’t want to wear yourself down and get mono after finals weeks (trust me, it is horrible).

4) DARTY! Darty season is upon us. There’s no better way to enjoy the warm weather than being outside with 100 other people celebrating the end of the spring semester like a native american rain dance. Yes, brews are welcome and encouraged.

5) Stay calm. You know work is going to pile up and bite you in the ass. Remind yourself­you’ve survived it before. You can get through it again. Persevere, and remember that one test does not define your entire life.

6) Start a countdown. You can almost taste the light at the end of the tunnel, but you still have a ways to go. Keep a countdown until your last final for that extra motivation to finish strong.

7) Music. Listen to it, hear it, write it. Use music to your advantage. Concert season is coming (Fetty, he’s coming). Blast your favorite tunes with the windows down while driving down Park Ave. Wagon Wheel will ALWAYS make you happy.

8) Appreciate the little things. You’re going to have friends that are graduating or transferring or studying abroad for next semester. Be spontaneous. Appreciate the time you still have with them here. Don’t be afraid to take an hour break of your essay to drive to the Merritt for unnecessary Mac n Cheese bites at 3 am to spend time with your boys. Don’t pass it up. These are the times we remember when we turn old and wrinkly. Enjoy the times we have no before they pass us by.

And remember, whatever you do in this life, it’s not legendary unless your friends are there to see it.

– M. Fritz

Are you not entertained???

(Photo via primesport.com)

The time has come. With Selection Sunday nothing but a memory, dawn today marked the beginning of the hype. I don’t know about you, but listening to ESPN every second of the day is what I live for this week. I want nothing more than a hundred analysts spending hours making picks, only to have a couple early upsets change it all. I mean name another week where it is acceptable to call in sick and crack a cold one at 11 am. I have a professor that straight up said, there’s no class this Friday, (savage of the week nominee).

This is the one week where everyone is an ESPN insider. Nothing is better than the few mid-major fans that come crawling out of the woodwork screaming ‘I told you so’ when their school wins a second round game for the first time in history. And how can I leave out the Monday morning quarterbacking. I can’t wait for Skip Bayless to get on my TV screen and tell me something I already know as if he’s a prophet from the sports gods. I love when he talks about something that already happened as if he is predicting the future.
 “Stephen A. Smith, MY [Insert irrelevant team here] got it done in the second round. I was watching the game and my wife said they would lose. (Hey everyone, I’m married! Someone can tolerate the bull crap spewing out of the hole in my face.) So then I stopped tweeting annoying things, because I didn’t want to jinx it too. SO I’m here, with you, Stephen A., on a cable television show, to say I told you so America. I know it was an obvious pick, but I’m so very rarely correct about anything, so please let me have my 15 minutes.”
The world’s reaction to Skip after any rant:

So with that being said, lets get consumed by the hype. Lets enjoy it like it’s three weeks straight of Super Bowls. Everyone get ready to make as many bold predictions as possible with the hopes of getting one right so you can tell everyone on Twitter you called it. Get ready for an unhealthy consumption of beer and oven pizzas combined with Cinderella stories and fallen giants. Get ready for the greatest month of sports.

– R. Ilardi

Videos: McGregor Humble and Classy after Upset


(Photo Via Sports Illustrated) 

It’s how you handle adversity that defines who you are…

Conor McGregor did just that after his shocking loss this weekend. He did not run and hide from the media. He took it head on and what he said can only make you respect him more as a person, not just as a fighter.

McGregor answered tough questions on his loss to Diaz, but never made an excuse. I love that he came in and answered every question and did it with class. The greatest part of the interview was when McGregor referenced some of his haters. He said he is going to have to go back down in weight and shut them up for celebrating another man’s victory.  Mark my words, McGregor will be back.


– R. Ilardi








I’m In A Fraternity – And I Love It

Most people have it wrong. The media portrays us poorly. Being in a fraternity is more than what is portrayed to be. We’re not all former football and lacrosse playing Neanderthals who binge drink on Wednesday nights. When we joined our organizations, we joined because of the ideals that the organization follows, and principles that the brothers live by. Don’t be salty if you haven’t tried to talk you us. If you approached us, you would see how cordial and nice people we are.

We didn’t “buy our friends”. We don’t “take kids just because they have money”. We all joined our respected organizations [usually] based on the values the organization preached. I know I did. When you make a decision like that, giving back to the community is fulfilling. We enjoy the community service work we do. My organization had over 200 volunteer community service hours last semester. Giving back is second nature to us. You don’t join a fraternity because you want something to do; you join one because you want to do something.

I was walking to class in between writing this article, and I passed a high school tour group just as a mother asked, “are fraternities here with, like, the big houses and giant parties and stuff?” You’re kidding me, right? If you wanted a giant party school, you wouldn’t be looking into Sacred Heart. You’d be going to UConn, or some other giant D1 school down south. Being a fraternity man isn’t about partying, but work. Being a fraternity man made me realize how you have to work for something you want. Every hour of community service I do is an hour I enjoy. My letters are the first thing I see hanging every day I wake up and the last thing I see before I go to bed. They are my finest achievement and I wear them with pride. Our brother bonds are real. We made an effort to become close and share the same values. We help each other out if they’re wrong, but back them no matter the situation. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what happens around campus, we still have each other. We meet so many people from all around the world and interact with them on a daily basis, through Greek Life alone. Can you get involved around campus outside of Greek Life? Of Course.

But my fraternity taught me to be social to everyone and leave an impression on everyone I meet. It made me a hard worker. It made me a distinguished gentleman.

Go Greek.

– M. Fritz

VIDEO: McGregor Reaches New Level of Savagery


You can’t hate this guy…. Ok, maybe you can, but I don’t. Usually I hate when people are cocky and arrogant, but in MMA, you will literally get knocked out if you can’t back it up. So I don’t have a problem with running your mouth in this sport.

Also, after seeing McGregor on some late night interviews, he seems like a pretty nice guy. I can appreciate where he has come from and all the work he has put in. If you haven’t heard what he has said most recently, you have to watch it. I think it speaks for itself.


-R. Ilardi


10 Things That Happen When College Kids Go Home For The Weekend

1) DOGS!     “Mom and Dad, I missed you, but I need to see the dog first”

2) Shower­     “Finally I can shower WITHOUT wearing flip-­flops without
the fear of catching a disease”

3) Food­     “There’s only so much Flik and Linda’s a person can eat, ­so
Mom, you better have that fridge stocked”

4) Car­    “For the first time in months, I don’t need to call an Uber and
ride with a new stranger everyday to get to where I’m going”

5) Conversation­     “There’s only so much I can talk about my major. I
came home to get away from the scholastic talk”

6) You’ve changed­     “Of course. You’ve seen me home once every 3-­4
months. I live amongst 5,000 other crazy people my age. What else
do you think is going to happen to me?”

7) Keeping it PG­     “Yeah last weekend was great, we went down to the
frat house and, uh, played Guitar Hero”

8) Blissful sleep­     “I’ve missed you, Bed. Sometimes I sleep better on the
kitchen table at school than in that tiny, plastic twin sized bed”

9) Can’t wait to get back to school­     “Ok I’ve been home for 5 hours and
already wanna go back. I’m never coming back home”

10) Can’t wait to go back home­     “Ok I know i just said I wanna go back
to school and do hoodrat things with my friends, but nothing is like

Nothing is like home

– M. Fritz