Who Does Sam Bradford Think he is?

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Gee, it must be great getting paid $36 million over two years to play football. Well, apparently, Sam Bradford doesn’t think so. As news broke that the Philadelphia Eagles packaged a horde of draft picks to move up to the 2nd pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, it became nearly certain that the Eagles had their sights set on Carson Wentz as their QB of the future, assuming Cal QB Jared Goff goes first. That left Sam Bradford, who just signed a 2 year, $36 million contract with the team, feeling “unwanted”. Now, he has made it clear he wants out of Philly, and is refusing to show up to any of the off-season workouts. If only he knew how lucky he was.

Keep in mind: although Philly has plans of drafting Wentz in the first round, Bradford was a lock for the Eagles starting job this year. The team wants to give Wentz at least a year or two to learn from the bench before taking the helm as starter. So, the job was all Bradford’s for the 2016 season, maybe the next season as well. Not only would Bradford be starting, but he would have a chance to display his skills to the league and hopefully get another hefty contract coming off of this current two-year deal. Most QBs in this league, a league with a 3-4 year average shelf-life, would kill to be in his position. But, obviously, the 2010 first round draft pick sees himself in a greater role.

Bradford’s agent, Tom Condon, expressed his client’s concerns regarding this situation. “Basically, our contention is that the team could have used the draft picks on offensive and defensive players for this season, to win this season. If the plan was to build for the future, where does that leave Sam this year?” (ESPN.com) Sure, Bradford has a point; he wants to be the franchise piece and not a stop-gap for their future solution at quarterback. But, he is completely missing the point. Frankly, when people think of Sam Bradford, they don’t think of a “franchise quarterback”. Instead, they think of an injury prone draft bust who has a losing record in his 5 years as an NFL starter. He’s averaging a million dollars earned for every touchdown thrown in his career, $58 million in career earning to go with 58 touchdown passes. His job isn’t to demand a safe home where he can play, his job is to compete and prove to NFL coaches around the league that he is truly the guy capable of manning the ship. Instead, his trade request just comes off as cowardice and spoiled.

I do not understand how Bradford feels entitled to this kind of “special treatment”. Maybe the money is getting to his head. Let’s not forget, he did receive the largest amount of guaranteed money at the time he was drafted. This was the year before the new CBA agreement created a rookie wage scale that significantly reduced the guaranteed money paid to rookies. Just for perspective, Bradford received a 6-year, $72 million contract ($50 million guaranteed) as a rookie. The next year, after the new CBA was implemented, Cam Newton (another fellow 1st overall pick) received a 4 year, $22 million contract. Cam is now the league’s reigning MVP, and Sam is the average QB who can’t quite understand what opportunity looks like.

No one was saying that by drafting Wentz this year that Bradford can’t be the Eagles starter for the future either. He simply could have worked harder and potentially outperform Wentz in training camp and retain his starting role for years to come. But he felt too pressured by Wentz, forcing this trade request. This surely says something about Bradford’s confidence level in his own game.

After this public outcry for a new home, this leaves Bradford in an even worse situation than he could have had. For one, even if he wants to be traded, that doesn’t mean other teams want to take care of this spoiled QB with a $36 million price tag to his name. And if he stays put in Philly, which seems like the likely option, he’s going to have to play through the harsh criticisms not only from the noisy Philly fans, but from his teammates. It remains to be seen how this move will affect his public image, but it seems certain that he’s not going to be that franchise player that he hopes for. Real franchise players let their play do the talking, not their contracts.

– J. Yellin

What It’s Like Being a Philadelphia Sports Fan

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It sucks. There’s no other words to describe it. It just sucks. The last place Phillies, the lower than last place Sixers, the Super Bowl winning-less Eagles, and the almost relevant but not-s0-relevant Flyers. The winningest sports team in Philly for the last 12 years has been their arena football team, the Philadelphia Soul. LOL. How’s that sound for one of the most die-hard sports fan bases in America? Every damn team in the city has replaced their head coach within the past 2 years. I, unfortunately, put myself in that category rooting for the statistically worst sports team in Professional Sports History. By no means does that mean I am embarrassed to be a Philadelphia sports fan, even though I should be. I love my sports teams just as much as the next brainless Philly fan, and I’ll never root against them, but the losing needs to stop.

The Eagles have been kind of heading in the right direction with the firing of Chip Kelly. He needed to go immediately. Never did I think it would be a good idea to hire a head coach straight from college AND THEN they wanted to give him all the power he wants in moving around the roster. Yeah, it looked great on paper, but that’s just an irresponsible move on Jeffrey Lurie’s part. I was ecstatic when they got rid of Kelly and even got a little excited hearing they hired Doug Pederson, a former Eagles quarterback. But, no Super Bowls? How can you talk trash to any other team out there when you have ZERO Super Bowl rings?

The Phillies are just God-awful. There is nothing positive to say about the Phillies. Bringing in a brand new manager and pretty much cleaning house with the release of Jimmy Rollins, Chase Utley, and Cole Hamels. Ryan Howard and Carlos Ruiz are the only players left on that roster from the 2008 World Series Championship. I guess we have to wait another 10 years to see any relevance out of one of the worst teams in the MLB.

The 76ers. Nope.

The Flyers have given us some type of hope with their late playoff push. Wow, that sounds awful. I’m getting somewhat excited that there’s the slightest possibility that the Flyers might sneak into the Wild Card spot in the East playoff picture. I do have to say, the future is looking very bright for this Philadelphia team, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I hope now you can all feel my pain of rooting for the worst sports teams in the world. But hey, at least we don’t deflate our balls, right?

– M. Gress