What’s to Come, & Bill Burr’s Take on Deflategate

Now before you get mad, please hear me out. This isn’t opinion, but this is honestly what you can expect. Tom Brady does not have a chance at winning his appeal.

The U.S. Court System is not going to overturn Roger Goodell’s ruling. Not because of the facts or circumstantial evidence involving the case itself, but because of the NFL bylaws. When players enter the league, they agree to adhere to the rulings of the commissioner. For this reason, they don’t have the right to sue. It is like checking the “I Agree” box when you update your software. You never read the fine print, but hidden in the text are statements that protect whatever company you are dealing with. The NFL is no different.

Hear what an expert in law has to say about the issue:


So, essentially, Roger Goodell is the judge, jury, and executioner. If I were the players, I would try to bargain for some sort of hearing board made up of both executives and former players. That would be a great way to ensure that any player found in violation of a rule would have a fair due process. The current situation is not only unfair, but it doesn’t work. It seems as if the league is not harsh enough with serious offenses such as Greg Hardy or Ray Rice, and they are too harsh with less serious offenses such as the ‘Deflategate’ allegations.


I’m sorry for Pats fans, because this issue should be over and done with, but unfortunately, it is not. However, unless Brady is ok with throwing money away on attorney fees, he should just drop the appeal. He’s got plenty of cash, so if he’s fine with writing a big check, then more power to him for standing up for the principle.


Pats fans, you’ll love this. Savage stand up comic, and die hard Bostonian, Bill Burr just rips all things Deflategate. Let’s just say the Colts don’t have a leg to stand on… This is worth the watch ( and that’s coming from a Jets fan).



– R. Ilardi




The Countdown to October 9th Starts Now

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In the shocker of the century, the all-mighty Lord Goodell wins and continues his reign of absolute power over the league. After appeals had revoked Goodell’s initial 4-game suspension handed to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady just over a year ago, the NFL’s appeal of the appeal has won. Tom Brady’s original 4-game suspension will be reinstated and effective starting in week 1 of the upcoming 2016 NFL season. It is a sad day for all of patriot nation…

After going to court last year and winning the appeal that vacated his 4-game suspension, it always worried me that Brady was never out of the troubles of Deflate Gate. Although Judge Richard Berman found that Goodell over-stepped his powers in giving Brady his suspension, today we witnessed the reinstatement of Brady’s 4-game suspension, despite the fact that nothing about the case has changed. If there was some sort of new evidence presented of this alleged occurrence or any proof that something actually happened, then fans would have no right to question this decision made by the court today. But regardless of this horrible mistake of a court ruling, as of today, we will have to see the Patriots play their first four games of the 2016-2017 season without their star quarterback and franchise leader, Tom Brady.

I have complete faith in the Patriots and likely starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. We will obviously not see the same offense in these first four games as we would with Brady under center, but I look for the Patriots defense to carry them through these first four games. A young defense that ranked 9th last year in overall defense and allowed only 19 points per game will be much improved this year after bringing in free agents Chris Long and Terrance Knighton, and having a healthy roster going into next season, specifically the linebackers who were heavily injured last season.

Along with this top 10 defense, the Patriots have brought in many veterans to strengthen the offense, like TE Martellus Bennett, RB Donald Brown and WR Chris Hogan. That, along with the already proven Patriots passing threats of Gronkowski, Edelman and Amendola, plus the return of both Dion Lewis and LeGarrette Blount to solidify the back field, has me feeling very confident in Jimmy Garoppolo in this four game stretch to start the season. The Patriots will open the season with a tough game in Arizona against the Cardinals, but after that, they have very winnable games against Miami, Houston and Buffalo. I believe if all things click early on with the offense, we could see the Pats sitting at 3-1 when Brady returns to unleash hell on the NFL. Worst case scenario, I see this team losing no more than two of these first four games.

Fast forward to week 5 of the 2016 NFL season: the return of the greatest quarterback of all time, Tom Brady, from a suspension given because of a scandal that was the biggest waste of time in sports history. A pointless investigation that turned into a web of lies from the NFL that is now regarded in the two words we all hate… Deflate Gate. We will see the revenge-filled quarterback come out of this suspension with more fire than ever, and more to prove than ever before. Brady is going to go on a rampage against any and all opponents he faces, and who better to start it than the Cleveland Browns. Mark your calendars folks. Sunday, October 9th at 1:00 pm, the revenge tour begins.

– J. Horrigan


Brady’s Boo’s

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It’s that time of the month where we find new ways to hate Tom Brady. Like I said in the last article, I’ll be doing this once a month to entertain everyone in the country that doesn’t live in that tiny little corner of the country. I can’t even say those two nauseating words describing their geographic location.

Anyway, I’m guessing you all saw the latest Instagram video of Tom Brady blowing through a conch shell, calling Rob Gronkowski running out of the woods and coaching him. SWEET DUDE. I saw SpongeBob do that when I was seven years old. Gronkowski running through the woods being the giant child that he is. Yeah, that dude is a savage, but just the fact that he is one of Bill Belichick’s minions makes me dislike the video that much more. Tom, c’mon now, shouldn’t you be in your garage with some air pumps and footballs? Not just entertaining social media, but even SportsCenter is all over it. Good for you guys not having to train this early in the year cause you play in the AFC East. But hell, if I was born in practically another country in that corner, I would be loving that video. Tom Brady Is the GOAT to be remembered as winning Super Bowls and blowing a conch shell.

– M. Gress

The BUZZ 3/4/16

Ryan and John talk about the Tom Brady controversy…again. They also talk about the domestic violence epidemic in the NFL and how the MLB handles things differently, followed by the worlds most epic hole in 1.


Brady’s Boo’s

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We’ll be starting a monthly article describing what Tom Brady has done to make America, or at least me, hate the fact that he’s so good, it hurts. By no means does that mean I root for Tom Brady because it’s the complete opposite. I have no words to say about Brady other than he plays for a team with what I think is the worst fan base in America. If he was not a part of that collection of Belichick’s minions, I would have no reason to dislike him as much as I do. YES TOM BRADY IS THE GOAT. Let’s just get that out of the way. He’s the best quarterback we’ll probably ever see in our lifetime, you can’t deny that. But, he plays for the New England Patriots and nobody likes seeing a team win year after year, especially after Spygate and Deflategate. It’s at the point where I just want to see them lose week after week and it hurts seeing them in the playoffs every damn year.

Just recently Tom Brady signed a 2-year contract extension through 2019, when he’ll be 42 years old. Nobody in America other than that tiny little corner of New Englanders wanted to see a move like this. We get to see Tom Brady light up the AFC East and the rest of the Peyton Manning-less AFC for another 3 years. Belichick has more time to stack his team up preparing for Brady’s departure, whether its letting Jimmy Garoppolo sit behind the great one for a few more years or finding an actual running back. Either way, he’s going to need to learn how to coach an actual football team, not one lead by a first ballot, unanimous Hall of Famer. Is there a possibility he gets traded after that? Contractually, yes. Realistically, absolutely not. That would be like Jeter leaving the Yankees, Kobe leaving the Lakers, or Lebron leaving… oh wait, nevermind. Does he keep playing after his contract is up? It sure sounds like he wants to. But I really can’t watch Brady for another 3+ years.

– M. Gress

Brady vs. Manning

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Bird vs. Magic. Ali vs. Frazier. Nicklaus vs. Palmer. Individual rivalries in sports often go down in history, and luckily for us fans, we get the next, and possibly final, chapter of another storied rivalry this coming week: Brady vs. Manning. This historic rivalry began in 2001 when Brady and the Patriots defeated the Manning-led Colts 44-13. Brady would then go on to win the next five matchups against Manning, one of which was the 2003 AFC Championship game, giving him claim to a perfect 6-0 record against Manning.

However, the past ten seasons have solidified the Brady-Manning rivalry’s authenticity. In those ten seasons, the two have met ten times, with the record standing at a deadlocked 5-5.  Some of their most memorable games occurred over the course of these years, two of which were the AFC Championship games (2006, 2013), where Manning won both times.

During the 2006 AFC Championship game, the Colts came back from a fifteen-point halftime deficit to defeat the Patriots 38-34. A year later, in 2007, the Patriots rallied from ten points down in the final ten minutes of the game to keep their perfect season alive. Then, two years later, the Patriots clung to a six-point lead late in the game, but turned the ball over on downs, resulting in a clutch game-winning drive by Manning. The most recent thriller came during the 2013 season, when the Patriots returned from a twenty-four-point halftime deficit to win the game in overtime.

Sunday’s match-up will be the seventeenth meeting in the rivalry, with Brady holding an 11-5 record overall, but the playoffs tell a much different story. Manning, with two of the three AFC Championship games under his belt, keeps their postseason record tied at 2-2. With a trip to the Super Bowl on the line, Brady and the Patriots will have their work cut out for them. Neither of the two has won on the road since 2007, giving this coming week the potential to break an age-old streak. Regardless, we will get to see two of the greatest quarterbacks of all time go head-to-head in another classic rivalry game this week, but my personal prediction is that the world will be watching Brady come February 7th.

– K. Troy